100 Quilt Blocks – a beginning and a quilt-along

When I went to the V&A Quilts exhibition last year, I treated myself to Celia Eddy’s book ‘100 Traditional & Contemporary Quilt Blocks’ … and ever since I’ve had in mind the idea that I’d like to work my way through it from start to finish as a project.

Sometimes, life has a way of prompting you to get on with it, instead of just thinking about it and hoping that you’ll one day get around to it. And that’s just what has happened …

I’ve had a commission for a patchworked cushion, so I’m using it as the starting point to kick off this project, with the intention that I’ll carry on, once the commission is done, with the patchworking/quilting process and work my way through this delightful little book.

It may take a couple of years to get from start to finish – because I’m going to be working by hand, using the English patchworking method, and because inevitably other projects will intervene along the way.

The first block in the book is the Brick Wall, aka Brickwork or Old Garden Wall. I’m going to make 4 blocks and rotate them around each other to make ‘A Trip Around the World’ … because the eventual size is only going to be 30cm x 30cm, this is a perfect project to use up some of my extensive collection of scraps!

Want to join in? Excellent!! Post a comment with a link to your site, and let’s get started ….

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