Four Elements

Sometimes, when you can’t find exactly what you want, you need to make a choice – either compromise, or create what you want yourself. Or find someone who can create it for you.

Which is how I ended up with these four gorgeous little panels of kufic script, representing the four elements – from left to right, earth, air, fire and water.

I knew I wanted them, but dithered for a long time about whether or not to do this – after all, commissioning a piece of work from someone is a big decision, and feels somehow extravagant and vaguely decadent, but, ultimately, home is where I spend most of time, and I like to be surrounded by objects and images that mean something to me, and give me pleasure when I look at them.

It just felt like the right thing to do.

And so I commissioned them from Rani at Arabic Calligraphy For You – and the whole process was an absolute pleasure. I’m so pleased with the results. They came as .jpg files, and I had them professionally printed onto canvas. The deep crimson is just perfect …

They work so well in my living room, exactly as I’d envisaged – they sit quite happily between a couple of Indian textile pieces, but don’t look out of context with the bold marimekko print above the fireplace.

Slowly but surely, I’m making marks on the blank canvas of our white walls, exactly as we intended when we first painted them.

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