Butterfly Path – a slow cloth cushion

Another finished piece of slow cloth from the cloth-to-cloth workshop …. a contemporary country cushion, in soft blues.

Butterfly Path ... modern country cushion

My beautiful blue block, embroidered over to bring out the butterflies and send them on a meandering path amongst the little flowers on this cushion …. I love the way they soften all the strong geometric patterns in the underlying cloth.

6 responses to “Butterfly Path – a slow cloth cushion

  1. I can’t help “catching” those butterflies, which appear to me as stitched on. I especailly love the meandering effect. Truly lovely! Thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for taking time to leave a comment. ^^

  2. This is so, so beautiful!! How talented you are. I really love all the butterflies and embroidery you have done. It is quite a magical piece.

  3. It’s lovely! So the butterflies were already there on one of the fabrics you used?

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